The Johnson Creek Trailhead near Austin High School, affectionately called “The Rock,” is the first stop for many Trail users. This popular meeting place sets the tone for each Trail experience — we believe it should shine.

The Trail Foundation has completed renovation of this heavily-used area to give it the beauty and functionality that the Trail and its enthusiasts deserve. With these creative improvements, the trailhead will better serve the 1.5 million users who enjoy the Trail every year.

The Trail Foundation’s long-range Vision Plan identifies this area for a high-priority multiphase enhancement because it is a key gathering place and a major trailhead. Major landscape improvements include native plants in rainwater gardens, drinking water fountains, informal stretching areas, and carefully crafted retaining walls and erosion control. Much-needed restrooms designed by, Studio 8 Architects, were built across the street in the next phase.

johnson-creek-trailheadTTF planted carefully chosen native Central Texas trees to shade and beautify the Trail as part of our ongoing Healthy Trees for the Trail program. Trees that were removed include invasive non-native species, trees at the end of their natural lives, and old hackberries that have suffered major losses of their brittle branches in this busy area. The removed trees were replaced with native tree species including elm, desert willow, Texas mountain laurel, and Mexican orchid.

We know that 31% of Trail users enter the Trail at this area. We received considerable feedback when we opened our planning to the community by circulating surveys and meeting with key stakeholder groups. The Austin firm of Bosse & Associates designed this enhancement.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Johnson Creek Trailhead Survey. Your feedback helped us better design the space to meet your recreational needs and enhance the natural areas. The results from the survey will continue to help inform our projects.

The Johnson Creek Trailhead received the 2012 Keep Austin Beautiful Best of the Best Award.

Johnson Creek Trailhead Sponsors

Lakefront Sponsor ($50,000+)



The Moody Foundation of Galveston

Woodland Sponsor ($25,000+)


Bosse & Associates


Studio 8 Architects

Roger K. Beasley

Bridge Sponsor ($10,000+)

Susan Vaughan Foundation

Katie & Chris Roberts – The DuBose Family Foundation

Kathleen & Peter Huff

Craven Family Foundation

The Malloy Family

Griffin Davis & Heather Keating

The Pape Foundation

The Charles & Betti Saunders Foundation Fund/Austin Community Foundation

Creek Sponsors ($5,000+)

Lynn Currie

Brian and Julianne Ott

Bill Kerr



Dave Andreas

Margot & Grant Thomas

Susan Plettman Rankin

Path Sponsors ($2,500+)

Christopher Kennedy

Gayle Leonard

Laurie & Dave Weaver

Garnett Keith

Mike Elhaj

Niland Foundation

Jodi & Fred Zipp

Meredith & Jesse Weiss

Tree Sponsors ($1,000+)

Nancy & Jack Collins

Anonymous Donor

Sarah Russ

Robert Wynn

Megan & Tony Rankin

Still Water Foundation

Stephanie Shoemaker

Jeff & Kelley Burrus

Greg Egger

Cheryl & Jim George

Ten Eyck Landscape Architects

Jacob & Terese Hershey Foundation

Mikiel Featherston

Bonnie Mills

Steve Shook

The GoodLife Team

Alexander & Irene Shoghi

William Curra

Kim Heilbrun & Bill Powers

Lyn & Jordan Weingarten

Frank & Shelley Livaudais

Nancy & Bob Inman

Mary Farabee

Matthew Thompson

Mary Phillips

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Mr. & Mrs. George Ramsey

Jose Cortex & Celia Neavel

Jerry Bell

Dr. & Mrs. N. D. Moscoe

Colin Wallis

Patrick Brian

Carol & Pat Robertson

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Wesley Hoover

Malou Flato & John Taliaferro

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