butler-trail-commemorative-bricksYou’ve left footprints all over the Trail…Now leave something permanent.

Buy a commemorative brick at Lou Neff Point and become a lasting part of Trail history. The engraved bricks can pay lasting tribute to friends or family, or they make wonderful gifts for all Trail enthusiasts. Buyers who purchase bricks in honor of someone else can print a gift notice after they place their order.

All sizes can be engraved with your family name or names

4″x8″ brick = $100 (SOLD OUT)
8″x8″ brick = $500 (SOLD OUT)
12″x12″ brick = $1,000

Buy a Brick

It can take several months to see your brick in the ground, but once there it will remain forever. We appreciate your patience with this process. We are installing bricks in phases.

Bricks donated by September 19, 2013  have been installed and mapped.  Subsequent donations for bricks will be fulfilled as we replace blank bricks with engraved bricks in large sets of bricks.

The fastest way to see your brick is to encourage your friends to buy one, too!  Read personal stories of brick donors like you!

Find Your Brick:

You can locate your installed brick at Lou Neff Point by following these steps:

1)      Open the list of bricks here.

2)      Locate your text by pressing Control (CTRL) and the F key at the same time.  The Find box will open.

3)      Enter your brick text in the Find what space and click Find Next.

4)      Look at the heading of your section for the Grid section Letter and Number.

5)      Refer to the map below (click to enlarge) of Lou Neff Point to find the location of the grid section of your brick.


  • FAQs

    Have the bricks been installed?
    Bricks donated by September 9, 2013, have been installed.  Round 11 was closed as of August 20, 2012, and will be installed in early fall.

    How much do the bricks cost?
    4”x8”=$100  (sold out)
    8”x8” brick = $500  (sold out)
    12”x12” brick = $1,000

    Can I specify where my brick goes?
    No, we are unable to grant such requests. But remember that Lou Neff Point is a lovely, intimate area and your brick will not be lost among miles of names.

    Can I include a message or date on my brick?
    No, names only. Every brick has room for three lines of 14 characters each.
    Examples of text: Jane & John Doe; The Doe Family; or John, Jane, Jimmy & Janie Doe.

    When will my brick be placed at Lou Neff?
    We are installing bricks in several phases.  Bricks purchased on or before April 22, 2007 through Feb. 15, 2012 have been installed.  Subsequent orders will be fulfilled as we replace blank bricks with engraved bricks in sets of 250-300 bricks.  The fastest way to see your brick is to encourage your friends to buy one, too!

    I want to buy a brick for the holidays, but then I won’t have anything to wrap. Ideas?
    Yes! After making your purchase, print out the gift notice, tie a bow around it and wait for the oohs and ahhs.

    Where does my money go?
    Proceeds benefit The Trail Foundation’s efforts to improve The Trail.

    What about a photo of a brick?
    Right here.

    I still have questions!
    Please contact us.